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... pe taverna ?
An Davarn
Ul lec'h evit sevel goulennoù pe flapiñ en un doare sioul ha dichipot diwar-benn wikipedia.

(14:29:13 CET)

Kaozeadeg eus ar 5vet sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 43, bloaz 2022)

24/10/2022 — 30/10/2022

Skrivañ un dra bennak en deirvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2022 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Pal ar wikipedia

... n'eo ket c'hoari " chom tost d'ar gresianeg" met skrivañ pennadoù brezhoneg eo pal ar wikipedia: Goulenn a ran adlakaat an anv brezhonek a oa a-raok, aes da gompren, ha paouez gant sorc'hennoù ur glander hellazek faltazius bennak ha n'emañ e wikipedia ebet all . Bianchi-Bihanig (kaozeal) 23 Her 2022 da 19:03 (UTC)Respont[respont]


Amañ, klask plantañ ar ger Giganted e pep lec'h !ù_doueed_Hellaz_kozh&type=revision&diff=2026450&oldid=2026434 !

Dibab ar gerioù eo afer an implijerien, ha n'eo ket hini un IP : votomp !

Vandalerezh, brezel-embann ha rendael diabeg, a-berzh ar memes implijer atav) emezañ

  • Kemm diabeg en anv ar pennad, graet hep kaozeal : pezh a c'hall bezañ kemmet gant un den a c'hall bezañ kemmet gant un den all.
  • "rendael diabeg" : pa vez graet ur c'hemm diabeg en anv ur pennad e vefe ret tevel? Bianchi-Bihanig (kaozeal) 23 Her 2022 da 22:17 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Roit hoc'h ali

Displeget 'meus va soñj amañ, brav e vije kaout soñjoù all ivez. --Flag of Ukraine.svg Lekemok (kaozeal) 23 Her 2022 da 23:12 (UTC)Respont[respont]

E pep lec'h

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Molfetta zo ur gumun en Italia, e proviñs Bari, e Puglia.

[diskouez] g • ka • ke Puglia • Kumunioù Proviñs Bari

@Bianchi-Bihanig: Klasket az peus ober gant ur merdeer all? Firefox pe Chrome, da skouer? Mard eo diskwelet ar wiki a-dreuz gant er merdeer ha mat gant egile e vo sur ez eus un dra bennak a-dreuz gant ar merdeer, ur pezh a c’hell bezañ dreset. Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 28 Her 2022 da 08:13 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus ar 4re sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 44, bloaz 2022)

31/10/2022 — 06/11/2022

Skrivañ un dra bennak er bedervet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2022 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h


Tremenet eo ar brezhoneg dirak ar swahili. Ma kar an izili e chomo. Bianchi-Bihanig (kaozeal) 5 Du 2022 da 20:54 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus an 3de sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 45, bloaz 2022)

07/11/2022 — 13/11/2022

Skrivañ un dra bennak er bempvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2022 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Invitation to attend “Ask Me Anything about Movement Charter” Sessions

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki.

Hello all,

During the 2022 Wikimedia Summit, the Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC) presented the first outline of the Movement Charter, giving a glimpse on the direction of its future work, and the Charter itself. The MCDC then integrated the initial feedback collected during the Summit. Before proceeding with writing the Charter for the whole Movement, the MCDC wants to interact with community members and gather feedback on the drafts of the three sections: Preamble, Values & Principles, and Roles & Responsibilities (intentions statement). The Movement Charter drafts will be available on the Meta page here on November 14, 2022. Community wide consultation period on MC will take place from November 20 to December 18, 2022. Learn more about it here.

With the goal of ensuring that people are well informed to fully participate in the conversations and are empowered to contribute their perspective on the Movement Charter, three “Ask Me Anything about Movement Charter" sessions have been scheduled in different time zones. Everyone in the Wikimedia Movement is invited to attend these conversations. The aim is to learn about Movement Charter - its goal, purpose, why it matters, and how it impacts your community. MCDC members will attend these sessions to answer your questions and hear community feedback.

The “Ask Me Anything” sessions accommodate communities from different time zones. Only the presentation of the session is recorded and shared afterwards, no recording of conversations. Below is the list of planned events:

  • Asia/Pacific: November 4, 2022 at 09:00 UTC (your local time). Interpretation is available in Chinese and Japanese.
  • Europe/MENA/Sub Saharan Africa: November 12, 2022 at 15:00 UTC (your local time). Interpretation is available in Arabic, French and Russian.
  • North and South America/ Western Europe: November 12, 2022 at 15:00 UTC (your local time). Interpretation is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

On the Meta page you will find more details; Zoom links will be shared 48 hours ahead of the call.

Call for Movement Charter Ambassadors

Individuals or groups from all communities who wish to help include and start conversations in their communities on the Movement Charter are encouraged to become Movement Charter Ambassadors (MC Ambassadors). MC Ambassadors will carry out their own activities and get financial support for enabling conversations in their own languages. Regional facilitators from the Movement Strategy and Governance team are available to support applicants with MC Ambassadors grantmaking. If you are interested please sign up here. Should you have specific questions, please reach out to the MSG team via email: or on the MS forum.

We thank you for your time and participation.

On behalf of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee,

MNadzikiewicz (WMF) 7 Du 2022 da 15:33 (UTC)Respont[respont]

N'eus ket droet d'an holl kemer perzh war a seblant ?

Petra a soñjoc'h eus seurt evezhiadennoù ? Flag of Ukraine.svg Lekemok (kaozeal) 10 Du 2022 da 07:45 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Seurt evezhiadennoù n'emañ ket o flas e Wikipedia. Bezañ seven atav ha doujañ d'an implijerion/ezed all hag Arabat tagañ an dud en un doare personel a lenner e Wikipedia:Pemp pennreolenn ar Wikipedia. Sklaer eo n'eo ket ar pezh a ra an den "dianav"-se. --Llydawr (kaozeal) 10 Du 2022 da 21:23 (UTC)--Llydawr (kaozeal) 10 Du 2022 da 21:23 (UTC)Respont[respont]
Mervel a rafes evit ar C'hallaoued. Lastez ! 2A03:E600:100:0:0:0:0:82
Me grede e oa binvioù evit kas seurt tud da gaolmoc'ha? Bianchi-Bihanig (kaozeal) 11 Du 2022 da 13:54 (UTC)Respont[respont]
Hag ez eus. Met dre m'on bet an hini taget e felle din kaout ali ar gumuniezh a-raok implijet anezho. @Huñvreüs ? Flag of Ukraine.svg Lekemok (kaozeal) 11 Du 2022 da 13:57 (UTC)Respont[respont]
C’ho-C’ho-C’ho c’hoazh hag adarre, gant ur proksi eus Aostria er wech-mañ. Dreset am eus ar gaouidell. Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 11 Du 2022 da 21:28 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus an eil sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 46, bloaz 2022)

14/11/2022 — 20/11/2022

Skrivañ un dra bennak er c'hwec'hvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2022 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Apply for Funding through the Movement Strategy Community Engagement Package to Support Your Community

Patrom:More languages

The Wikimedia Movement Strategy implementation is a collaborative effort for all Wikimedians. Movement Strategy Implementation Grants support projects that take the current state of a Movement Strategy Initiative and push it one step forward. If you are looking for an example or some guide on how to engage your community further on Movement Strategy and the Movement Strategy Implementation Grants specifically, you may find this community engagement package helpful.

The goal of this community engagement package is to support more people to access the funding they might need for the implementation work. By becoming a recipient of this grant, you will be able to support other community members to develop further grant applications that fit with your local contexts to benefit your own communities. With this package, the hope is to break down language barriers and to ensure community members have needed information on Movement Strategy to connect with each other. Movement Strategy is a two-way exchange, we can always learn more from the experiences and knowledge of Wikimedians everywhere. We can train and support our peers by using this package, so more people can make use of this great funding opportunity.

If this information interests you or if you have any further thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as your regional facilitators to discuss further. We will be more than happy to support you. When you are ready, follow the steps on this page to apply. We look forward to receiving your application.

Best regards,
Movement Strategy and Governance Team
Wikimedia Foundation

MNadzikiewicz (WMF) 14 Du 2022 da 16:25 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Opportunities open for the Ombuds commission and the Case Review Committee

Hi everyone! The Ombuds commission (OC) and the Case Review Committee (CRC) are looking for members. People are encouraged to nominate themselves or encourage others they feel would contribute to these groups to do so. There is more information below about the opportunity and the skills that are needed.

About the Ombuds commission

The Ombuds commission (OC) works on all Wikimedia projects to investigate complaints about violations of the privacy policy, especially in use of CheckUser and Oversight (also known as Suppression) tools. The Commission mediates between the parties of the investigation and, when violations of the policies are identified, advises the Wikimedia Foundation on best handling. They may also assist the General Counsel, the Chief Executive Officer, or the Board of Trustees of the Foundation in these investigations when legally necessary. For more on the OC's duties and roles, see Ombuds commission on Meta-Wiki.

Volunteers serving in this role should be experienced Wikimedians, active on any project, who have previously used the CheckUser/Oversight tools OR who have the technical ability to understand these tools and the willingness to learn them. They must be able to communicate in English, the common language of the commission. They are expected to be able to engage neutrally in investigating these concerns and to know when to recuse when other roles and relationships may cause conflict. Commissioners will serve two-year terms (note that this is different from past years, when the terms have been for one year).

About the Case Review Committee

The Case Review Committee (CRC) reviews appeals of eligible Trust & Safety office actions. The CRC is a critical layer of oversight to ensure that Wikimedia Foundation office actions are fair and unbiased. They also make sure the Wikimedia Foundation doesn’t overstep established practices or boundaries. For more about the role, see Case Review Committee on Meta-Wiki.

We are looking for current or former functionaries and experienced volunteers with an interest in joining this group. Applicants must be fluent in English (additional languages are a strong plus) and willing to abide by the terms of the Committee charter. If the work resonates and you qualify, please apply. Committee members will serve two-year terms (note that this is different from past years, when the terms have been for one year).

Applying to join either of these groups

Members are required to sign the Confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information and must be willing to comply with the appropriate Wikimedia Foundation board policies (such as the access to non-public information policy and the Foundation privacy policy). These positions requires a high degree of discretion and trust. Members must also be over 18 years of age.

If you are interested in serving in either capacity listed above, please write in English to the Trust and Safety team at ca(_AT_) (to apply to the OC) or to the Legal Team at legal(_AT_) (to apply to the CRC) with information about:

  • Your primary projects
  • Languages you speak/write
  • Any experience you have serving on committees, whether movement or non-movement
  • Your thoughts on what you could bring to the OC or CRC if appointed
  • Any experience you have with the Checkuser or Oversight tools (OC only)
  • Any other information you think is relevant

The deadline for applications is 31 December 2022 in any timezone.

Please feel free to pass this invitation along to any users who you think may be qualified and interested. Thank you!

On behalf of the Committee Support team,

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 47, bloaz 2022)

21/11/2022 — 27/11/2022

Skrivañ un dra bennak er seizhvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2022 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh (sizhun 48, bloaz 2022)

28/11/2022 — 04/12/2022

Skrivañ un dra bennak en eizhvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2022 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

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