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An Davarn
Ul lec'h evit sevel goulennoù pe flapiñ en un doare sioul ha dichipot diwar-benn wikipedia.

(12:54:02 CET)

Kaozeadeg eus ar 5vet sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 20, bloaz 2016)

16/05/2016 — 22/05/2016

Skrivañ un dra bennak en ugentvet sizhun eus 2016 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

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23/05/2016 — 29/05/2016

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30/05/2016 — 05/06/2016

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Treiñ ar ger skiantel gallek "clade" e brezhoneg

Demat deoc'h, Emaon o paouez kavout CLADE klad m. -où. e-barzh Dictionnaire français-breton (Martial Ménard). Mammennoù all a vije d'ho soñj (hep ober meneg eus Kreizenn ar Geriaouiñ evel-just) ? A galon.--Prieladkozh (kaozeal) 1 Mez 2016 da 10:02 (UTC)


Hi. I can see that this project has old JavaScript that needs to be updated. I would happily make the required updates myself, but I would have to – at least temporarily – become an admin here to do that (because the relevant pages are in the MediaWiki namespace). I have already made these updates on a number of other projects, so it would be very easy for me to do this. If no one does anything, some JavaScript-related tools will break later this year. If you want me to make these updates, you can grant me admin rights and I will make the updates as soon as I can. Nirmos (kaozeal) 2 Mez 2016 da 03:04 (UTC)

Kaozeadeg eus an eil sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 23, bloaz 2016)

06/06/2016 — 12/06/2016

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Wikipedia to the Moon: voting has begun

Hello, after six weeks of community discussion about Wikipedia to the Moon, there are now 10 different proposals for content for the mission. Starting today, you can vote for them on Meta-Wiki, and decide what we will work on: a Wikipedia canon, different lists, the Moon in 300 languages, an astronomy editathon, featured articles, articles about technology, endangered things, or DNA-related topics. You can even vote against community involvement. Voting is open until 24 June. Sorry that this message is again in English only, but we are using village pumps to reach as many communities as possible, so that everyone knows they can vote. Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 10 Mez 2016 da 15:31 (UTC)

Vestiaria coccinea‎

Da betra e talv klask freskaat un tammig ar pennadoù diwar-benn an evned pa gendalc'h ar memes istrogell da zegas ditouroù faos enne sof-kont ?--Prieladkozh (kaozeal) 12 Mez 2016 da 17:28 (UTC)


Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 24, bloaz 2016)

13/06/2016 — 19/06/2016

Skrivañ un dra bennak er pevare sizhun warn-ugent eus 2016 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h
  • Mallac'htoui! Deuet eo ar benveg Krouiñ ur pennad da vout Creu'r dudalen!Kadbzh (kaozeal) 19 Mez 2016 da 14:51 (UTC)

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh (sizhun 25, bloaz 2016)

20/06/2016 — 26/06/2016

Skrivañ un dra bennak er pempvet sizhun warn-ugent eus 2016 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Dizanv ha gourdrouzer

Setu ar vrennigenn dizanv o tont da c'hourdrouz diverkañ pennadoù ar re all :

Pep hini a c'hall displegañ dezhañ e zoare da sonjal. Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 21 Mez 2016 da 05:01 (UTC)

Peace Treaties in Art 30 x 30 Challenge

Peace Treaties in Art DSS2016.jpg Peace Treaties in Art 30 x 30 Challenge
Contest now open, come join us! All editors are encouraged to contribute their best in the depiction of peace in art. Tokens and prizes up for grabs.

Demat ! The Peace Treaties in Art 30 x 30 Challenge is now on! Sorry I cannot speak Breton, if someone translated this it would be fantastic:p In the meantime, we are very much looking forward to your participation in this inspirational contest aimed at creating, improving and translating articles on Peace Treaties in Art in the context of Donostia-San Seastián 2016 European Capital of Culture, aspiring to provide by dint of collaboration (quality!) material available in the Wikipedia about this compelling topic, both present and timeless. In keeping with the idea of multiculturalism and inclusion, we are especially intent on encouraging article production in minority languages.

The project, promoted by the Basque Wikimedians User Group, originates in the Peace Treaty exhibitions project taking place in Donostia-San Sebastián 2016 European Capital of Culture opening on June 17. The Wikipedia challenge extends from June 17 (starting 12 pm CET) to July 17, including a Wikimarathon to be held on 9 July, everyone is invited! Leave your imprint along with other fellow wikipedians, you will win awards (and our eternal gratitude!:) in the form of Barnstars and Donostia-San Sebastián stays! Trugarez Iñaki LL (kaozeal) 21 Mez 2016 da 10:34 (UTC)

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