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An Davarn
Ul lec'h evit sevel goulennoù pe flapiñ en un doare sioul ha dichipot diwar-benn wikipedia.

(17:43:40 CET)

Kaozeadeg eus ar 5vet sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 43, bloaz 2023)

23/10/2023 — 29/10/2023

Skrivañ un dra bennak en drede sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2023 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

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30/10/2023 — 05/11/2023

Skrivañ un dra bennak en pevare sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2023 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Plans to enable Content and Section Translation tool in your Wikipedia

Hello Friends!

Apologies as this message is not in your native language, Please help translate to your language.

The WMF Language team is pleased to let you know that we would like to enable the Section and Content translation tool in this Wikipedia. For this, our team will love you to read about the tool and test the Section Translation tool so you can:

  • Give us your feedback
  • Ask us questions
  • Tell us how to improve it

Below is background information about the tools and how you can test the Section translation tool.

Background information

Content Translation has been a successful tool for editors to create content in their language. More than one million articles have been created across all languages since the tool was released in 2015. However, the tool is not out of beta in this Wikipedia, limiting the discoverability of the tool and its use and blocking the enablement of the Section translation in your Wikipedia.

Section Translation extends the capabilities of Content Translation to support mobile devices. On mobile, the tool will:

  • Guide you to translate one section at a time in order to expand existing articles or create new ones
  • Make it easy to transfer knowledge across languages anytime from your mobile device

We plan to enable the tools in the next 2 weeks if there are no objections from your community. After it is enabled, we’ll monitor the content created with the tools and process all the feedback. In any case, feel free to raise any concerns or questions you may already have as a reply to this message or on the project talk page.

Try the Section translation tool

Before the enablement, you can try the current implementation of the tool in our testing instance. Once it is enabled, you’ll have access to with your mobile device. You can select an article to translate, and machine translation will be provided as a starting point for editors to improve.

Provide feedback

Please provide feedback about Section translation on the project talk page. We want to hear about your impressions on

  • The section translation tool
  • What you think about our plans to enable it
  • Your ideas for improving the tool

Thanks and we look forward to your feedback and questions.

UOzurumba (WMF) (kaozeal) 2 Du 2023 da 02:31 (UTC) On behalf of the WMF Language team.Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus an 3de sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 45, bloaz 2023)

06/11/2023 — 12/11/2023

Skrivañ un dra bennak en pempvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2023 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Loreidi priz Goncourt pe loreidi ar priz Goncourt?

N’on ket sur pehini zo reizh. Piv a c’hell sikouriñ ac’hanon? Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 8 Du 2023 da 09:34 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Loreidi ar priz Goncourt. --Llydawr (kaozeal) 9 Du 2023 da 15:16 (UTC)Respont[respont]
Trugarez. Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 9 Du 2023 da 17:19 (UTC)Respont[respont]


Ur pennad (kozhik) diwar-benn Wikipedia : [1]. --Llydawr (kaozeal) 9 Du 2023 da 15:16 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus an eil sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 46, bloaz 2023)

13/11/2023 — 19/11/2023

Skrivañ un dra bennak er c'hwec'hvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2023 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Coming soon: Reference Previews

A new feature is coming to your wiki soon: Reference Previews are popups for references. Such popups have existed on wikis as local gadgets for many years. Now there is a central solution, available on all wikis, and consistent with the PagePreviews feature.

Reference Previews will be visible to everyone, including readers. If you don’t want to see them, you can opt out. If you are using the gadgets Reference Tooltips or Navigation Popups, you won’t see Reference Previews unless you disable the gadget.

Reference Previews have been a beta feature on many wikis since 2019, and a default feature on some since 2021. Deployment is planned for November 22.

-- For Wikimedia Deutschland’s Technical Wishes team,

Johanna Strodt (WMDE), 15 Du 2023 da 13:11 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Ouzhpennet am eus an troidigezhioù a vanke. Evel-just e c’hell pep hini mont da welout anezho hag ober pe goulenn kemmoù. Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 15 Du 2023 da 20:59 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 47, bloaz 2023)

20/11/2023 — 26/11/2023

Skrivañ un dra bennak er seizhvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2023 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Statud robot evit CommonsDelinker

Mont a ra en-dro CommonsDelinker en hor wiki hep ar statud robot. E wikioù all (saonzek, gallek, alamanek…) en deus ar statud-mañ, dre-se n’ez a ket war wel er c’hemmoù degaset gantañ e roll ar c’hemmoù diwezhañ dre ziouer (gallout a reer gwelout anezho avat, evel-just). Ober a ra ar servij-mañ war-dro ar restroù eus Commons pa vezont diverket pe adanvet. Mard eo mat deoc’h reiñ ar statud dezhañ e vo graet gant ur steward, met ret eo votiñ araok e-pad sizhunvezh.

English — This is a vote to give CommonsDelinker the bot status, open for one week.

Graet Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 2 Kzu 2023 da 09:22 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh (sizhun 48, bloaz 2023)

27/11/2023 — 03/12/2023

Skrivañ un dra bennak en eizhvet sizhun ha daou-ugent eus 2023 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

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