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አማርኛ: የኢትዮጵያ ሰንደቅ ዓላማ
Čeština: Vlajka Etiopie
English: Flag of Ethiopia
Italiano: Bandiera dell'Etiopia
Oromoo: Alaabaa Itoophiyaa
Soomaaliga: Calanka Itoobiya
Deiziad (original version); 1996, 2009 (current version)
Aozer Drawn by User:SKopp
(Adimplij ar restr-mañ)
Public domain This work was first published in Ethiopia and is now in the public domain because its copyright protection has expired by virtue of the Proclamation No. 410/2004 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection, enacted 2004 (details). The work meets one of the following criteria:

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Flag of Ethiopia.svg
Copyright notes

Copyright notes
Per U.S. Circ. 38a., the following countries are not a participant in the Berne Convention or any other treaty on copyright with the United States:
  • Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Nauru, Palau, San Marino and Somalia.

As such, works published by citizens of these countries in these countries are usually not subject to copyright protection outside of these countries. Hence, such works may be in the public domain in most other countries worldwide.

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Ethiopia has enacted a copyright law as published in the Official Gazette (Unofficial English (WIPO) translation) which came into force on 19 July 2004.
PD-icon.svg Ce document n'est pas soumis au droit d'auteur et est donc dans le domaine public, car il est composé exclusivement d'informations qui sont dans le domaine public et ne contient aucune modification qui en ferait une œuvre originale.
Cette image représente un drapeau, un blason, un sceau ou un autre insigne officiel. L’utilisation de ces symboles est réglementée dans plusieurs pays. Ces restrictions sont indépendantes du statut du copyright.
Note : ceci n’est pas un bandeau de copyright. Une licence valide est nécessaire en plus de ce bandeau.
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Colour and symbolism

  •    Green: "represents the richness and the fertility of our land as well as hope "
  •    Yellow: "represents religious freedom and peace."
  •    Red: "represents the sacrifice of our fathers, who spilled their blood in defense of Ethiopia "

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