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Sevel a reas ur seurt lezenn anvet [[Charter of Liberties]], a ranke ar roue ober diouti. Kempenn a reas justis hag arc'hanterezh ar rouantelezh. Kas a reas tud da evezhiañ galloud ar gargidi ha meulet e voe kement-se gant ar bobl. Krog e oa ar pobloù saoz ha norman da gendeuziñ ha dimeziñ a reas d'ur verc'h eus an tiegezh saoz kozh.
He made peace with the church after the disputes of his brother's reign, but he could not smooth out his succession after the disastrous loss of his eldest son [[William Adelin|William]] in the wreck of the [[White Ship]]. His will stipulated that he was to be succeeded by his daughter, the [[Empress Matilda]], but his stern rule was followed by a period of civil war known as [[the Anarchy]].
==E yaouankiz==
# [[Matilda FitzRoy]], abadez Montvilliers pe Montpiller
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|1= 1. '''Henry I of England'''
|2= 2. [[William I of England]]
|3= 3. [[Matilda of Flanders]]
|4= 4. [[Robert the Magnificent|Robert I, Duke of Normandy]]
|5= 5. [[Herleva]]
|6= 6. [[Baldwin V, Count of Flanders]]
|7= 7. [[Adela of France, Countess of Flanders|Adela of France]]
|8= 8. [[Richard II, Duke of Normandy]]
|9= 9. [[Judith of Brittany]]
|10= 10. [[Fulbert of Falaise]]
|12= 12. [[Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders]]
|13= 13. [[Ogive of Luxembourg]]
|14= 14. [[Robert II of France]]
|15= 15. [[Constance of Arles]]
|16= 16. [[Richard I, Duke of Normandy]]
|17= 17. [[Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy]]
|18= 18. [[Conan I of Rennes]]
|19= 19. [[Ermengarde of Anjou, Duchess of Brittany|Ermengarde of Anjou]]
|24= 24. [[Arnulf II, Count of Flanders]]
|25= 25. [[Rozala of Italy]]
|26= 26. [[Frederick of Luxembourg (965 – 1019)|Frederick of Luxembourg]]
|28= 28. [[Hugh Capet]]
|29= 29. [[Adelaide of Aquitaine]]
|30= 30. [[William I of Provence]]
|31= 31. [[Adelaide of Anjou]]
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*Cross, Arthur Lyon. ''A History of England and Greater Britain''. Macmillan, 1917.
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