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01/02/2010 — 07/02/2010

skrivañ un dra bennak er pempvet sizhun eus 2010 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Wikeriadur[kemmañ ar vammenn]

Tremenet eo an 12 000 pennad daoust ma n'eo ket bras niver ar genlabourerien. Pep hini a c'hallfe ober un draig bennak bep an amzer. Bianchi-Bihan 2 C'hwe 2010 da 21:09 (UTC).

A Basque Portal on Breizh[kemmañ ar vammenn]

Hi from the Basque Wikipedia to Breton Wikipedia. I try a Basque portal on Britain and the welcome message is in Basque and French: "Ongi Etorri Bretainiari buruzko Euskal Atarira! - Bienvenue á le Portail Basque sur la Bretagne!", could someone translate that sentence to Brezhoneg? Thanks from Euskal Herria to Breizh. --Euskalduna, 2 C'hwe 2010 da 22:32 (UTC)

Respontet em eus dezhañ. Bianchi-Bihan 3 C'hwe 2010 da 03:21 (UTC)
Hi Bianchi! Firstly sorry for not writing in Brezhoneg.
O.K, the welcome message will be the one you've suggested: "Donemat d'ar Portal Euskarat diwar-benn Breizh! Ongi Etorri Bretainiari buruzko Euskal Atarira! Bienvenue au Portail Basque sur la Bretagne!" (Unfortunately I am from Hego Euskal Herria and do not speak French. As an advance This is the welcome message.
I have made several Portals in the Basque Wikipedia on nations I have visited and have a linguistic, cultural and social situation similar to Euskal Herria: The Basque Portal on Ireland in green color, The Basque Portal on Scotland in blue color and The Basque Portal on Wales in red color... if you want an idea about how will be the Basque Portal on Britain, it will be identical to those Portals and in black, in homage to the Gwenn-ha-du and Breizh.
I too have created in Euskara articles on various locations in Brittany/Breizh that I liked very much when the visit: eu:Paimpol, eu:Locronan, eu:Landéda, eu:Quiberon,... islands of Brittany: Enez-Vaz, Enez-Vriad, Enez ar Gerveur... and Lorienteko Interzeltiar Jaialdia/Gouelioù Etrekeltiek An Oriant. As soon as I has built the Basque Portal on Breizh (I think it will be ready in March), I will send you the link, if you want me to make a suggestion or make improvements.
Keep working for your language and culture, greetings from Basque Wikipedia to Breton Wikipedia. And Eskerrik asko! Trugarez! for your help.--Euskalduna, 3 C'hwe 2010 da 20:29 (UTC)

A little translation[kemmañ ar vammenn]


Digarezit ac'hanon. Ne gomzan ket brezhoneg.

I don't know if this is the proper place to ask for a translation, but I can't find any. I would be very grateful if somebody could translate this sentence for me:

"We have got a new basque school"

The thing is we're opening a new basque school and we would like to have that sentence in as many languages as possible for the inauguration party.

Trugarez! --Utergar 3 C'hwe 2010 da 08:48 (UTC)

That's good news! Tell us where, and we'll write it in the article: we've started articles about every herria in Euskal Herria. I propose: Ur skol euskarek nevez zo er vro! (Is it "ikastola berria herrian"?) . other option : Savet ganimp ur skol euskarek nevez !, which means exactly: We've made (built by us) a new basque school. Bianchi-Bihan 3 C'hwe 2010 da 12:15 (UTC)
Trugarez! Thank you very much. It's an school for adults (euskaltegi) made by AEK in Gares.--Utergar 3 C'hwe 2010 da 13:26 (UTC)