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Tadoù diazezerien Stadoù-Unanet Amerika

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Founding Fathers of the United States
strollad tud
StadStadoù-Unanet Kemmañ
PrantadBrezel dieubidigezh ar Stadoù Unanet Kemmañ

Tadoù diazezerien Stadoù Unanet Amerika (saozneg : Founding Fathers of the United States, krennet alies e Founding Fathers) a reer eus ar strollad tud a sinas Disklêriadur dieubidigezh ar Stadoù Unanet Amerika pe Bonreizh Stadoù Unanet Amerika, hag eus lod eus ar re o devoa stourmet e-pad Brezel Dieubidigezh Amerika evel Revolutionaries.

E-touez an dud-se, gwelet evel harozed er Stadoù Unanet, e oa darn a oa protestanted ha lod all a oa tud dizoue, supozerien pe katoliked. Ul lod anezho a oa izili eus ar frañmasonerezh.

Listenn ar Founding Fathers[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Sinerien skridoù diazez[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

An dud-mañ a sinas unan pe meur a hini eus ar pevar skrid diazez en istor SUA (Continental Association, Disklêriadur dieubidigezh, Pennadoù ar C'hengevread, ha Bonreizh Stadoù Unanet Amerika):

Anv Proviñs/Stad CA DI AC USC
Andrew Adams Connecticut Ya
John Adams Massachusetts Ya Ya
Samuel Adams Massachusetts Ya Ya Ya
Thomas Adams Virginia Ya
John Alsop New York Ya
Abraham Baldwin Georgia Ya
John Banister Virginia Ya
Josiah Bartlett New Hampshire Ya Ya
Richard Bassett Delaware Ya
Gunning Bedford, Jr. Delaware Ya
Edward Biddle Pennsylvania Ya
John Blair Virginia Ya
Richard Bland Virginia Ya
William Blount North Carolina Ya
Simon Boerum New York Ya
Carter Braxton Virginia Ya
David Brearley New Jersey Ya
Jacob Broom Delaware Ya
Pierce Butler South Carolina Ya
Charles Carroll of Carrollton Maryland Ya
Daniel Carroll Maryland Ya Ya
Richard Caswell North Carolina Ya
Samuel Chase Maryland Ya Ya
Abraham Clark New Jersey Ya
William Clingan Pennsylvania Ya
George Clymer Pennsylvania Ya Ya
John Collins Rhode Island Ya
Stephen Crane New Jersey Ya
Thomas Cushing Massachusetts Ya
Francis Dana Massachusetts Ya
Jonathan Dayton New Jersey Ya
Silas Deane Connecticut Ya
John De Hart New Jersey Ya
John Dickinson Delaware Ya Ya
Pennsylvania Ya
William Henry Drayton South Carolina Ya
James Duane New York Ya Ya
William Duer New York Ya
Eliphalet Dyer Connecticut Ya
William Ellery Rhode Island Ya Ya
William Few Georgia Ya
Thomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania Ya
William Floyd New York Ya Ya
Nathaniel Folsom New Hampshire Ya
Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania Ya Ya
Christopher Gadsden South Carolina Ya
Joseph Galloway Pennsylvania Ya
Elbridge Gerry Massachusetts Ya Ya
Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire Ya
Nathaniel Gorham Massachusetts Ya
Button Gwinnett Georgia Ya
Lyman Hall Georgia Ya
Alexander Hamilton New York Ya
John Hancock Massachusetts Ya Ya
John Hanson Maryland Ya
Cornelius Harnett North Carolina Ya
Benjamin Harrison Virginia Ya Ya
John Hart New Jersey Ya
John Harvie Virginia Ya
Patrick Henry Virginia Ya
Joseph Hewes North Carolina Ya Ya
Thomas Heyward, Jr. South Carolina Ya Ya
Samuel Holten Massachusetts Ya
William Hooper North Carolina Ya Ya
Stephen Hopkins Rhode Island Ya Ya
Francis Hopkinson New Jersey Ya
Titus Hosmer Connecticut Ya
Charles Humphreys Pennsylvania Ya
Samuel Huntington Connecticut Ya Ya
Richard Hutson South Carolina Ya
Jared Ingersoll Pennsylvania Ya
John Jay New York Ya
Thomas Jefferson Virginia Ya
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Maryland Ya
Thomas Johnson Maryland Ya
William Samuel Johnson Connecticut Ya
Rufus King Massachusetts Ya
James Kinsey New Jersey Ya
John Langdon New Hampshire Ya
Edward Langworthy Georgia Ya
Henry Laurens South Carolina Ya
Francis Lightfoot Lee Virginia Ya Ya
Richard Henry Lee Virginia Ya Ya Ya
Francis Lewis New York Ya Ya
Philip Livingston New York Ya Ya
William Livingston New Jersey Ya Ya
James Lovell Massachusetts Ya
Isaac Low New York Ya
Thomas Lynch South Carolina Ya Ya
James Madison Virginia Ya
Henry Marchant Rhode Island Ya
John Mathews South Carolina Ya
James McHenry Maryland Ya
Thomas McKean Delaware Ya Ya Ya
Arthur Middleton South Carolina Ya
Henry Middleton South Carolina Ya
Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania Ya Ya
Gouverneur Morris New York Ya
Pennsylvania Ya
Lewis Morris New York Ya
Robert Morris Pennsylvania Ya Ya Ya
John Morton Pennsylvania Ya Ya
Thomas Nelson, Jr. Virginia Ya
William Paca Maryland Ya Ya
Robert Treat Paine Massachusetts Ya Ya
William Paterson New Jersey Ya
Edmund Pendleton Virginia Ya
John Penn North Carolina Ya Ya
Charles Pinckney South Carolina Ya
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney South Carolina Ya
Peyton Randolph Virginia Ya
George Read Delaware Ya Ya Ya
Joseph Reed Pennsylvania Ya
Daniel Roberdeau Pennsylvania Ya
Caesar Rodney Delaware Ya Ya
George Ross Pennsylvania Ya Ya
Benjamin Rush Pennsylvania Ya
Edward Rutledge South Carolina Ya Ya
John Rutledge South Carolina Ya Ya
Nathaniel Scudder New Jersey Ya
Roger Sherman Connecticut Ya Ya Ya Ya
James Smith Pennsylvania Ya
Jonathan Bayard Smith Pennsylvania Ya
Richard Smith New Jersey Ya
Richard Dobbs Spaight North Carolina Ya
Richard Stockton New Jersey Ya
Thomas Stone Maryland Ya
John Sullivan New Hampshire Ya
George Taylor Pennsylvania Ya
Edward Telfair Georgia Ya
Matthew Thornton New Hampshire Ya
Matthew Tilghman Maryland Ya
Nicholas Van Dyke Delaware Ya
George Walton Georgia Ya
John Walton Georgia Ya
Samuel Ward Rhode Island Ya
George Washington Virginia Ya Ya
John Wentworth, Jr. New Hampshire Ya
William Whipple New Hampshire Ya
John Williams North Carolina Ya
William Williams Connecticut Ya
Hugh Williamson North Carolina Ya
James Wilson Pennsylvania Ya Ya
Henry Wisner New York Ya
John Witherspoon New Jersey Ya Ya
Oliver Wolcott Connecticut Ya Ya
George Wythe Virginia Ya

56 siner an Disklêriadur dieubidigezh[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

39 siner ar Vonreizh[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Ar 16 dileuriad na sinjont ket ar Vonreizh[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Tud all engouestlet[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

An hiniennoù da heul a zo bet kavet e mammennoù istorel lies ha sur bez int bet lakaet ivez da fathers pe founders evit Stadoù Unanet Amerika.

Notennoù ha daveennoù[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

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