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Lamponed : https://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ronan_an_Deroff&type=revision&diff=1918435&oldid=1918410

"A fan of the bands drew our attention to this small gem (released on a small French label), which was immediately voted best ambient discovery of the year by the whole TuT/RuR team ! The delicate sound volutes sculpted by these two French projects (did I say French? Sorry I meant Breton of course), interweaving deep atmospheric soundscapes and soft white-noise, could be described as a meeting between His Divine Grace and Les Joyaux De La Princesse. A true enchantment and a must-have for all fans of dark drone music. Very highly recommended."

(T)reue um (Treue), Alamagn (https://naturemorte.bandcamp.com/track/le-voyage-des-t-n-brants-marins)

"Dark Ambient / Experimental compilation featuring projects from the Breton (Brittany) area of France. The moods that make up this LP flow so well that they sound like a piece of music composed by a single artist. The first side is mainly meditative ambient, whereas the flipside moves onto more organic (and even quite aggressive) structures. Features: BBRC, Detrusor, Dunkelheit, Nature Morte, Ovil Kton, Ronan Le Déroff, Sorc'henn, and United 79. Ltd x 267 hand-numbered copies."

Cold Spring, Bro-Saoz

dit jaar is er een heel goede dark ambient release verschenen: [...] "Excellent ambient-noise-drone compilation featuring 8 artists from Brittany, some already well known in the field like RLD, Nature Morte or Sorc'henn, others still relative newcomers. Succeding where so many samplers fail, it shows an astonishing unity of style and mood, almost as coherent as an album would be. Giving a sonic shape to claustrophobic blackness with only the slightest nuances of dark grey here and there, it slowly and surely engulfs the listener like an inky whirlpool. Noir c'est noir..."

Tu bennak en Izelvroioù (https://www.musicmeter.nl/forum/10/860)

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