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American Folk Songs for Children

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American Folk Songs for Children zo ur bladenn gant Pete Seeger e 1953 evit Folkways Records. kentañ albom Pete Seeger e-unan e oa. Adembannet eo bet e 1990 ha 2004.

Kanaouennoù ar bladenn[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

  1. "Bought Me a Cat"
  2. "The Blue Tailed Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn)"
  3. "Train is A-Coming"
  4. "This Old Man"
  5. "Froggie Went A-Courting"
  6. "Jim Along Josie"
  7. "There Was a Man and He Was Mad"
  8. "Clap Your Hands"
  9. "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain"
  10. "All Around the Kitchen"
  11. "Billy Barlow"

Istor[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Dibabet e voe an unnek kan gant Seeger eus ul levr embannet gant e lezvamm, Ruth Crawford Seeger, hag anvet American Folk Songs For Children, ISBN 0-385-15788-6.

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