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I have a public-domain work on Hinduism and Buddhism that begins by saying neither group identified themselves as such until the English did, and in effect, "invented" the latter. I noticed today that en:Khmu language has an article in Brezhoneg started by Robert_Neal_Baxter, but it took me over an hour to determine that English Wikipedia redirects Brezhoneg to en:Breton language. Baxter has been cited 130 times (2 self-cites) in the journal en:Language Problems and Language Planning, but in so far as I've been able to determine, has never contributed to English Wikipedia, which makes me doubt he'll make time to help me there. —User Pawyilee talk

Hi, I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you looking for help from Robert_Neal_Baxter? I think you mean Neal, don't you? I'm afraid he is no longer active on this wikipedia. What kind of help are you looking for? --Lekemok (kaozeal) 7 Mae 2013 da 07:45 (UTC)[respont]
if you want to contact the person, you can find him on facebook. 7 Mae 2013 da 07:48 (UTC)[respont]