Frederick Deacon

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Frederick Deacon a zo bet ganet e miz Genver 1829 ha marvet e miz Here 1875. Mestrc'hoarier echedoù saoz.[1]

Trec'h e voe war W. Gilby (2 - 1) en ur match ha koll a reas a-enep da Charles Edward Ranken (0 - 2) e Tournamant Londrez 1851.

Trec'h e voe ivez war Edward Löwe (7.5 - 2.5) e 1851 ha Carl Mayet (5 - 2) e 1852.

Eilvet e voe e Tournamant Londrez 1862 (handicap), bet gounezet gant Georges-Henri MacKenzie.

11vet e voe e Londrez e 1852 (5vet Kendalc'h BCA), bet gounezet gant Adolf Anderssen .

Koll a reas ur match a-enep da Wilhelm Steinitz (1.5 - 5.5) e Tournamant Londrez 1863 .

  1. The British chess magazine Volume 95 1975 "we add a note on Frederick Deacon, whom Sergeant refers to as 'a young amateur from Bruges', but British by birth. He became well known in London chess circles. In the London 'Provincial Tournament' of 1851 (not the international tournament) he was knocked out 2-0 in the second round by the Rev. CERanken. In London 1862 (the first Round-robin ."