Queen of Hearts (Joan Baez)

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Disambiguation.svg Ur pennad The Queen of Hearts zo ivez.

Queen of Hearts (Roud Folk Song Index 3195) zo ur ganaouenn bet kanet gant Joan Baez e 1965, ha gant ar Saoz Martin Carthy.

Dont a ra ar c'homzoù eus ur ganaouenn gozh :

   To the Queen of Hearts is the Ace of Sorrow,
   He's here today and he's gone tomorrow.
   Young men are plenty but sweethearts few;
   If my love leave me, what shall I do?
   Had I the store in yonder mountain
   Where gold and silver is there for counting
   I could not count for thought of thee
   My eyes so full I could not see
   I love my father, I love my mother
   I love my sister, I love my brother
   I love my friends and relatives too
   I'll forsake…

Doare Joan Baez[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Embannet eo bet er bladenn "Farewell Angelina", e 1965.