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Usage[kemmañ ar vammenn]

This is a subtemplate of {{Infobox settlement}}. It is not intended to be used directly.

It displays an area in dunams and its equivalent in both metric and imperial/US customary units. The metric and imperial/US values link to the appropriate order of magnitude page for areas.

It is called by (tl), which handles the conversions and calls this template with values assigned to the following parameters:

  • {{{dunv}}} (required) — the dunam value
  • {{{metv}}} (required) — the metric value
  • {{{impv}}} (required) — the imperial/US value
  • {{{dunu}}} (optional: defaults to "dunam" or "dunams") — the symbol/abbreviation of the dunam unit
  • {{{metu}}} (optional: defaults to "ha") — the symbol/abbreviation of the metric unit
  • {{{impu}}} (optional: defaults to "acre" or "acres") — the symbol/abbreviation of the imperial/US unit

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