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dreist! un aqbadenn vrezhonek nevez ! Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 13 Her 2015 da 04:10 (UTC)

Is it better yet? It's supposed to say: "Liv and Maddie is an American teen sitcom created by John D. Beck and Ron Hart and produced by It's a Laugh Productions for Disney Channel." 2602:30A:C037:A450:F4C1:4E98:9D47:9D2B 13 Her 2015 da 18:02 (UTC)

Your translation in Breton was okay (congratulations !) ; I just added krennarded, i.e. teenagers, and the current state of the broadcasting. 13 Her 2015 da 18:24 (UTC)
How do you say sitcom in Breton? Also, add "The series stars Dove Cameron in a dual role as identical twins with entirely different personalities". 2602:306:83A9:3D00:2558:3B9E:57EC:752A 5 Du 2016 da 14:49 (UTC)