Kaozeal:Giuseppe Pitrè

N’eus ket eus endalc’had ar bajenn e yezhoù all.
Eus Wikipedia

Pitré eo an anv[1],[2].-- 1 Meu 2019 da 18:35 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Yesss..[3] And, obviously, a random webpage written by a random municipal employee is more reliable and more authoritative than the great Enciclopedia DeAgostini and the greatest Dizionario d'Ortografia e di Pronunzia by Bruno Migliorini and officially used as source for spellings and pronunciations by Italian national TV channel RAI, of course...[4]. Please, don't you meddle in things you ignore, specially if such things are about a foreign language you know nothing about... -- 2 Meu 2019 da 11:03 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Pitrè hervez ar wiki sikilianek : https://scn.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giuseppi_Pitrè. A dalv ar bian menegiñ da vihanañ en ur pennad holloueziadurel. Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 2 Meu 2019 da 20:27 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Yesss... But I'm afraid you've missed the first name "Giuseppi" (or "Juseppi") next to the surname Pitrè... Probably because it's "Sicilian" Wikipedia and the name is written in "Sicilian" dialect (where the acute accented "é" doesn't exist because the corresponding sound is always an open /ɛ/, and French should know well the difference) instead of Italian language... Don't you think so too? I wonder why people who speak another language think they know it better than the mother-language speakers!

Hag ivez : http://notes9.senato.it/Web/senregno.NSF/9a29a2e73f195df7c125785d0059b96c/b3d4fb87eed95a814125646f005e9480?OpenDocument. Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 2 Meu 2019 da 21:03 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Do you "really" want to make an Italian-sources challenge against an Italian? The edit you've done in the article is all right, you've specified that in "Sicilian" the surname it's written "Pitrè" (even if, if you're intellectually honest, you should do the same for the first name "Giuseppi"), both spellings are in the article now: it's already perfect as it is!

Ma fell dit brezañ kredet ez i da gontañ ar memes kaozioù er wikioù all a ra gant an anv Pitrè, hag e sini, hag e lakai da anv Italian, e-lec'h kontañ bidennoù d'an dud. Capito? Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 3 Meu 2019 da 10:58 (UTC)Respont[respont]

Ehm... No, non ho capito. I don't speak Breton...
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