Mont d’an endalc’had

Kaozeal:Falun Gong

N’eus ket eus endalc’had ar bajenn e yezhoù all.
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How come basicly every other language version of this entry says something pretty much different?

How come if you put Falun Gong into the search on you don't get reports like what you say at all, but instead get reports like this:

" As a human rights organization, we were appalled and taken aback when we got reliable information from China that people who practice Falun Gong exercises have been rounded up, tortured and imprisoned without any due process. As most of you are aware, we are not allowed to go into China to document abuses, so we were able to get some information from the members who left China and from other reliable sources to find out what happened.

One thing that surprised us was why the Chinese government is so scared of this movement. This movement is not a political movement. This movement is not there to overthrow the government. As a matter of fact, Gail Rachlin even gave an open invitation to the Chinese government to have a dialogue with them to understand each other so they can move forward. This is primarily average citizens of China who are exercising their fundamental rights. As a human rights organization, we did not document even one single incident where a Falun Gong member has hurt even an average citizen in their practices. They've never done any harm to other people, so why do you round up these people and imprison them?"

If you don't believe me go look up the Reports about Falun Gong by Amnesty. They say the EXACT opposite than what you claim they say.

And how come you don't mention any of this at all?