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    Speedy deletion[kemmañ ar vammenn]

    Thank you for cleaning up the speedy deletion category, unfortunately there aren't enough active admins in this wiki. On Slomox' page Implijer:Slomox/duplicates are more duplicate images. Do you think an AdminBot could do that?--Ankou - de en-2 br-0 25 Gen 2011 da 17:15 (UTC)Respont[respont]

    You're welcome. About the duplicate images: that would certainly be a bot job, there are too many to do that manually. Unfortunately I don't operate a bot, but I've made a note of this on m:Steward requests/Speedy deletions. I noticed there are a more than 2750 empty categories as well, most of them quite useless too... Regards, Wutsje 25 Gen 2011 da 17:37 (UTC)Respont[respont]