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N’eus ket eus endalc’had ar bajenn e yezhoù all.
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{{LabourAChom}}[kemmañ ar vammenn]

Hi, Kadwalan. So and so?!

P.S.: Please write me a note on my talk page on brwiki.

Best regards, Vago 2 Du 2011 da 08:09 (UTC)[respont]

Hello, Vago. Yes I think it's fine like this. Best regards --Kadwalan 2 Du 2011 da 13:06 (UTC)[respont]

Ok!Vago 2 Du 2011 da 13:07 (UTC)[respont]

These articles also need to fix?Vago 2 Du 2011 da 15:01 (UTC)[respont]

Hello Vago. No, be careful, only the pages with {{taxobox echu}} inside in fact, as I told you. The template is ok otherwise. I saw you made the changes already for the animals pages. Wonderful and thanks a lot. --Kadwalan 2 Du 2011 da 15:06 (UTC)[respont]
Hi, Kadwalan. If you want to add a category, or template, please do not hesitate, I'll be glad to help brwiki. I wish you luck. Best regards, Vago 2 Du 2011 da 15:18 (UTC)[respont]
Thanks, Best regards--Kadwalan 3 Du 2011 da 14:48 (UTC)[respont]