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Hello, I noticed nobody welcomed you here thought you don't seem to need any explanation ;-). So, welcome and thank you for your work on the template infobox:bro. I found surprising that you created new articles because you writed you don't know any breton... Best regards --Kadwalan 30 Gou 2011 da 22:37 (UTC)[respont]

Kadwalan ker, Thank you for the warm Brezhoneg welcome! I hope my breton grammar isn't too abominable in what I have contributed! Cheers! -- Breckenheimer 11 Eos 2011 da 01:40 (UTC)[respont]
Hello. I think that was very well done considering you wrote you don't speak much breton. So no problem. You can write other pages if you want. You may ask me to have a look if you don't feel sure. Kenavo--Kadwalan 11 Eos 2011 da 11:49 (UTC)[respont]