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Ida Lupino
Ida Lupino e 1943.
Ida Lupino Cavalcade of America.JPG

Ida Lupino, bet ganet d'ar 4 a viz C'hwevrer 1918 e Camberwell (Londrez, Bro-Saoz) ha marvet d'an 3 a viz Eost 1995 e Los Angeles (Stadoù-Unanet Amerika), a oa un aktourez stadunanat.

He filmoù[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

He filmoù, evel aktourez (A) pe evel renerez (R)
Film Bloaz Perzh A / R Notennoù
The Love Race 1931 A Perzhig skoazellañ
Her First Affair 1932 Anne A
The Ghost Camera 1933 Mary Fulton A
High Finance 1933 Jill A
Money for Speed 1933 Jane A
I Lived with You 1933 Ada Wallis A
Prince of Arcadia 1933 Ar briñsez A
Search for Beauty 1934 Barbara Hilton A
Come on Marines 1934 Esther Smith-Hamilton A
Ready for Love 1934 Marigold Tate A
Paris in Spring 1935 Mignonez Charelle A
Smart Girl 1935 Pat Reynolds A
Peter Ibbetson 1935 Agnes A
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara 1935 Hi hec'h-unan A
Anything Goes 1936 Hope Harcourt A
One Rainy Afternoon 1936 Monique Pelerin A
Yours for the Asking 1936 Gert Malloy A
The Gay Desperado 1936 Jane A
Sea Devils (film, 1937) 1937 Doris Malone A
Let's Get Married 1937 Paula Quinn A
Artists and Models 1937 Paula Sewell / Paula Monterey A
Fight for Your Lady 1937 Marietta A
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt 1939 Val Carson A
The Lady and the Mob 1939 Lila Thorne A
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939 Ann Brandon A
The Light That Failed 1939 Bessie Broke A
Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 6 1939 Hi hec'h-unan A Filmig brudañ
They Drive by Night 1940 Lana Carlsen A
High Sierra 1940 Marie A
The Sea Wolf 1941 Ruth Webster A
Out of the Fog 1941 Stella Goodwin A
Ladies in Retirement 1941 Ellen Creed A
Moontide 1942 Anna A
Life Begins at Eight-Thirty 1942 Kathy Thomas A
Forever and a Day 1943 Jenny A
The Hard Way 1943 Mrs. Helen Chernen A
Thank Your Lucky Stars 1943 Hi hec'h-unan A
In Our Time 1944 Jennifer Whittredge A
Hollywood Canteen 1944 Hi hec'h-unan A
Pillow to Post 1945 Jean Howard A
Devotion 1946 Emily Brontë A
The Man I Love 1947 Petey Brown A
Deep Valley 1947 Libby Saul A
Escape Me Never 1947 Gemma Smith A
Road House 1948 Lily Stevens A
Lust for Gold 1949 Julia Thomas A
Not Wanted 1949 R
Never Fear 1949 R
Woman in Hiding 1950 Deborah Chandler Clark A
Outrage 1950 Arvesterez un abadenn Country Dance A
Hard, Fast and Beautiful 1951 Seabright Tennis Match Supervisor A, R
On the Loose 1951 (Konterez, mouezh hepken) A
On Dangerous Ground 1952 Mary Malden A
Beware, My Lovely 1952 Mrs. Helen Gordon A
The Hitch-Hiker 1953 R
Jennifer 1953 Agnes Langley A
The Bigamist 1953 Phyllis Martin A, R
Private Hell 36 1954 Lilli Marlowe A
Women's Prison 1955 Amelia van Zandt A
The Big Knife 1955 Marion Castle A
While the City Sleeps 1956 Mildred Donner A
Strange Intruder 1956 Alice Carmichael A
The Trouble with Angels 1966 R
Junior Bonner 1972 Elvira Bonner A
The Devil's Rain 1975 Mrs. Preston A
The Food of the Gods 1976 Mrs. Skinner A
Charlie's Angels 1977 Gloria Gibson A Stirad skinwel
My Boys are Good Boys 1978 Mrs. Morton A