Ida Lupino

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Ida Lupino

Er skingomz e 1945

Ganedigezh 4 C'hwevrer 1918
Banniel ar Rouantelezh Unanet Rouantelezh-Unanet
Marv 3 Eost 1995 (77 vloaz)
Los Angeles, Kalifornia
Banniel ar Stadoù-Unanet Stadoù-Unanet
Broadelezh Breizhveuriat ha stadunanat

Stummadur Royal Academy of Dramatic Art,
Micher Aktourez, kanerez,
sevenerez, produerez
Red-micher 1931-1978

Ida Lupino, bet ganet d'ar 4 a viz C'hwevrer 1918 e Londrez (Bro-Saoz) ha marvet d'an 3 a viz Eost 1995 e Los Angeles (Stadoù-Unanet Amerika), a oa un aktourez hag ur filmaozerez stadunanat.

Buhez[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Sinema[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

  • Alc'hwez : A = Aktourez, S = Sevenerez, P = Produerez
Bloaz Film Perzh A/S Notennoù
Bloavezhioù 1930
1931 The Love Race Perzhig skoazellañ A N'emañ ket hec'h anv e listenn an aktourien
1932 Her First Affair Anne A
1933 Money for Speed Jane A
I Lived with You Ada Wallis A
Prince of Arcadia Ar briñsez A
The Ghost Camera Mary Elton A
High Finance Jill A
1934 Search for Beauty Barbara Hilton A
Come on Marines Esther Smith-Hamilton A
Ready for Love Marigold Tate A
1935 Paris in Spring Mignon de Charelle A
Smart Girl Pat Reynolds A
Peter Ibbetson Agnes A
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara Ida Lupino A Berrfilm e Technicolor ma weler meur a zen brudet o c'hoari o ferzh dezho.
1936 Anything Goes Hope Harcourt A
One Rainy Afternoon Monique Pelerin A
Yours for the Asking Gert Malloy A
The Gay Desperado Jane A
1937 Sea Devils Doris Malone A
Let's Get Married Paula Quinn A
Artists and Models Paula Sewell / Paula Monterey A
Fight for Your Lady Marietta A
1939 The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Val Carson A
The Lady and the Mob Lila Thorne A
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Ann Brandon A
The Light That Failed Bessie Broke A
Screen Snapshots Series 18 # 6 IdaLupino A Berrfilm brudañ
1940 They Drive by Night Lana Carlsen A
Bloavezhioù 1940
1941 High Sierra Marie A
The Sea Wolf Ruth Webster A
Out of the Fog Stella Goodwin A
Ladies in Retirement Ellen Creed A
1942 Moontide Anna A
Life Begins at Eight-Thirty Kathy Thomas A
1943 Forever and a Day Jenny A
The Hard Way Mrs. Helen Chernen A
Thank Your Lucky Stars Hi hec'h-unan A
1944 In Our Time Jennifer Whittredge A
Hollywood Canteen Ida Lupino A
1945 Pillow to Post Jean Howard A
1946 Devotion Emily Brontë A
1947 The Man I Love Petey Brown A
Deep Valley Libby Saul A
Escape Me Never Gemma Smith A
1948 Road House Lily Stevens A
1949 Lust for Gold Julia Thomas A
Not Wanted S Rita Lupino, he c'hoar, o c'hoari
Never Fear —|align="center"|S, P
1950 Woman in Hiding Deborah Chandler Clark A
Outrage Arvesterez un abadenn Country Dance A, S N'emañ ket hec'h anv evel aktourez
Bloavezhioù 1950
1951 Hard, Fast and Beautiful Goursellerez krogad tennis A, S N'emañ ket hec'h anv evel aktourez
On the Loose Konterez A Mouezh ; meneg ebet eus hec'h anv
1952 On Dangerous Ground Mary Malden A
Beware, My Lovely Mrs. Helen Gordon A
1953 The Hitch-Hiker align="center"|S
Jennifer Agnes Langley A
The Bigamist Phyllis Martin A, S
1954 Private Hell 36 Lilli Marlowe A
1955 Women's Prison Amelia van Zandt A
The Big Knife Marion Castle A
1956 While the City Sleeps Mildred Donner A
Strange Intruder Alice Carmichael A
1958 Teenage Idol — ? — A, S
Bloavezhioù 1960
1966 The Trouble with Angels S
Bloavezhioù 1970
1972 Women in Chains Claire Tyson A Film evit ar skinwel
Deadhead Miles IdaLupino A
Junior Bonner Elvira Bonner A
The Strangers in 7A Iris Sawyer A Filmoù evit ar skinwel
1973 Female Artillery Martha Lindstrom A
I Love a Mystery Randolph Cheyne A
The Letters Mrs. Forrester A
1975 The Devil's Rain Mrs. Preston A Saturn Award evit ar gwellaén eil perzh
1976 The Food of the Gods Mrs. Skinner A
1978 My Boys Are Good Boys Mrs Morton A Perzh diwezhañ er sinema

Skinwel[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Ida Lupino er bloavezhioù 1930
  • Darnel eo al listenn-mañ, dre ziouer a zitouroù solius.
Bloaz Stirad Perzh A/S Rann
Bloavezhioù 1950
1957 Mr. Adams and Eve Eve Adams, Eve Drake A Perzh pennañ (66 rann)
1959 The Twilight Zone Barbara Jean Trenton A The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
Bonanza Annie O'Toole A The Saga of Annie O'Toole
Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Ida Lupino A Lucy's Summer Vacation
1960 Death Valley Days Pamela Mann A Pamela's Oxen
Bloavezhioù 1960
1961 The Rifleman S Assault
Thriller S The Last of the Sommervilles
The Investigators A Something for Charity
1963 Kraft Suspense Theatre Harriet Whitney A One Step Down
The Virginian Helen Blaine A A Distant Fury
1964 The Twilight Zone S The Masks
Gilligan's Island S Goodnight, Sweet Skipper
S Wrongway Feldman
1965 Bewitched S A is for Aardvark
Honey West S How Brillig, O, Beamish Boy
1966 Gilligan's Island S The Producer
1968 It Takes a Thief Doctor Schneider A Turnabout
Batman "Doctor Cassandra" Spellcraft A The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra
1969 Family Affair Lady "Maudie" Marchwood A Maudie
1970 A Return of Maudie
Bloavezhioù 1970
1972 Columbo Moereb Roger Stanford's Aunt A Short Fuse
1974 Mrs. Edna Brown A Swan Song
1975 Police Woman Hilda Morris A The Chasers
1977 Charlie's Angels Gloria Gibson A I Will Be Remembered

Skingomz[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

Ida Lupino e 1943
Bloaz Program Rann
Bloavezhioù 1930
1937 The Chase and Sanborn Hour
Lux Radio Theatre The 39 Steps
1938 The Silver Theatre Challenge for Three
1939 The Campbell Playhouse The Bad Man
The Chase and Sanborn Hour
Lux Radio Theatre Wuthering Heights
Woodbury's Hollywood Playhouse For All Our Lives
1940 Lux Radio Theatre The Yong in Heart
Good News of 1940 The Light That Failed
Lux Radio Theatre Wuthering Heights
Bloavezhioù 1940
1942 Charlie McCarthy Show
It's Time to Smile
Lux Radio Theatre A Woman's Face
1943 Now, Voyager
Ladies in Retirement
Duffy's Tavern
Command Performance
Burns and Allen
1944 Everything for the Boys The Citadel
Mail Call
Screen Guild Players High Sierra
Suspense The Sisters
Fugue in C Minor
This Is My Best Brighton Rock
1945 Cavalcade of America Immortal Wife
Lux Radio Theatre Only Yesterday
Screen Guild Players Pillow to Post
1946 Cavalcade of America Star in the West
Theatre of Romance The Hard Way
Encore Theatre Nurse Edith Cavell
Tell Me a Story The Pond
1947 Cavalcade of America Abigail Opens the White House
A Lady of Distinction
Kitchen Scientist
Lux Radio Theatre The Seventh Veil
Saratoga Trunk
1948 Daisy Kenyon
Suspense Summer Night
Lux Radio Theatre The Razor's Edge
Hallmark Playhouse Woman with a Sword
1949 Bill Stern Colgate Sports Newsreel
Suspense The Bullet
1950 Hollywood Calling
Hallmark Playhouse The Love Story of Elizabeth Barrett
Bloavezhioù 1950
1953 Guest Star Fear
Stars over Hollywood Chasten Thy Son
1954 Lux Radio Theatre The Star
So Big
1959 Suspense On a Country Road

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