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'''Aquellos Ojos Verdes''' zo ur ganaouenn spagnolek eus deroù an XXvet kantved, un doare [[bolero]] savet gant [[Adolfo Utrera]] andha [[Nilo Menéndez]], ha bet kanet gant[[Ibrahim Ferrer]].
==E saozneg==
Lakaet eo bet e saozneg gant Eddie Rivera hag Eddie Woods e 1929 , anvet Green Eyes, hag enrollet gant [[Jimmy Dorsey]] e [[1941]], .
The recording was made on [[March 19]], with vocals by [[Helen O'Connell]] and [[Bob Eberly]] and released by [[Decca Records]] as [[Catalog numbering systems for single records|catalog number]] 3698. The flip side was "[[Maria Elena]]." The record first reached the ''[[Billboard magazine|Billboard]]'' charts on [[May 9]], [[1941]] and lasted 21 weeks on the chart, peaking at #1. <ref>
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</ref> Since "Maria Elena" was also a #1 hit, this was a major double-sided hit recording.
[[Gloria Jean]] sang the Spanish lyrics to "Aquellos Ojos Verdes" in the 1943 film, ''[[When Johnny Comes Marching Home (film)|When Johnny Comes Marching Home]]''.
[[Ben Affleck]] also sang the Spanish version, in the 2006 film, ''[[Hollywoodland]]'', in pivotal scenes just prior to the fatal shooting of his character, [[George Reeves]].
R&B group, the Ravens, had regional success with a 1955 revival.
[[Allan Sherman]] recorded a version titled "Green Stamps", a parody of [[S&H Green Stamps]]. During the recording session (according to the liner notes on the album), Sherman had a talk with the college types who hadn't heard of "Green Eyes." He said it was, like the [[Bossa Nova]], once a red-hot tune by [[Helen O'Connell]]. He asked, "Any of you remember red-hot Helen O'Connell?" (About half did.)
==Recorded versions==
*[[All-Star Orchestra]]
*[[Ray Anthony Orchestra]]
*[[Desi Arnaz]]
*[[Don Barreto]]
*[[Big Band All-Stars]]
*[[Stanley Black]]
*[[Boston Pops Orchestra]]
*[[Les Brown (bandleader)|Les Brown]]
*[[John Bunch]]
*[[Frank Chacksfield]] and his orchestra
*[[Nat King Cole]]
*[[Ray Conniff]]
*[[Los Cordobeses]]
*[[Xavier Cugat]]
*[[Lou Donaldson]]
*[[Jimmy Dorsey]] orchestra ([[1941 in music|1941]])
*[[The Dorsey Brothers]]
*[[Bob Eberly]]
*[[Roy Eldridge]]
*Les & [[Larry Elgart]]
*[[George Evans]]
*[[Bob Florence]] Big Band
*[[Connie Francis]]
*[[Jane Froman]]
*[[Earl Grant]]
*[[Benny Green]]
*[[Kay Harding]]
*[[Gene Krupa]]
*[[Abbe Lane]]
*[[Steve Lawrence]]
*[[Ben Light]]
*[[Enoch Light]]
*[[Enric Madriguera]]
*[[Barry Manilow]]
*[[Glenn Miller]]
*[[Helen O'Connell]]
*[[Anita O'Day]]
*[[101 Strings Orchestra]]
*[[Pony Poindexter]]
*[[Baden Powell]]
*[[The Ravens]]
*[[Edmundo Ros]]
*[[Harry Roy]]
*[[The Sentimental Strings]]
*[[Charlie Shavers]]
*[[South Shore Concert Band]]
*[[Starsound Orchestra]]
*[[Conway Twitty]]
*[[Lex Vandyke]]
*[[The Ventures]]
*[[West Coast Swing Time Orchestra]]
*[[Bebo Valdes And His Orchestra]]
:'''Original Spanish Lyrics'''
:Aquellos ojos verdes<br>
:de mirada serena, <br>
:dejaron en mi alma<br>
:eterna sed de amar. <p>
:Anhelos de caricias, <br>
:de besos y ternuras. <br>
:De todas las dulzuras<br>
:que sabían brindar. <p>
:Aquellos ojos verdes, <br>
:serenos como un lago, <br>
:en cuyas quietas aguas<br>
:un día me miré. <br>
:No saben las tristezas<br>
:que en mi alma han dejado<p>
:Aquellos ojos verdes, <br>
:que yo nunca besaré. <p>
:No saben las tristezas<br>
:que en mi alma han dejado<br>
:Aquellos ojos verdes, <br>
:que yo nunca olvidaré. <br>
:Aquellos ojos verdes, <br>
:que yo nunca olvidaré. <p>
:Aquellos ojos verdes<br>
:serenos como un lago<br>
:en cuyas quietas aguas<br>
:un día me miré, <br>
:no saben las tristezas<br>
:que a mi alma le dejaron<br>
:aquellos ojos verdes<br>
:que ya nunca besaré<p>
:'''English Translation'''
:Those green eyes<br>
:with their serene gaze, <br>
:they left in my soul<br>
:eternal thirst to love. <p>
:yearning for caresses, <br>
:for kisses and tenderness. <br>
:for all the sweetness<br>
:that they knew how to offer. <p>
:Those green eyes, <br>
:serene like a lake, <br>
:in whose calm waters<br>
:one day i saw myself <br>
:They do not know the sadness<br>
:that in my soul they have left<p>
:Those green eyes, <br>
:that I never will kiss. <p>
:They do not know the sadness<br>
:that in my soul they have left<br>
:Those green eyes, <br>
:that I never will forget. <br>
:Those green eyes, <br>
:that I never will forget. <p>
:Those green eyes, <br>
:serene like a lake, <br>
:in whose calm waters<br>
:one day i saw myself<br>
:They do not know the sadness<br>
:that in my soul they have left<br>
:those green eyes<br>
:that I never will kiss<p>
==English lyrics==
The version written for English audiences varies from the Spanish. The Big Band version typically had a male voice singing these words, followed by a female voice singing the same words, with the exception of the last line. This is one version:
:Well, Green Eyes with their soft lights
:Your eyes that promise sweet nights,
:Bring to my soul a longing, a thirst for love divine
:In dreams I seem to hold you, to find you and enfold you
:Our lips meet and our hearts, too, with a thrill so sublime
:Those cool and limpid Green Eyes
:A pool wherein my love lies
:So deep that in my searching for happiness
:I fear that they will ever haunt me
:All through my life they'll taunt me
:But will they ever want me?
(Male voice)
:Green Eyes, make my dreams come true.
(Female voice)
:Green Eyes, I love you.
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Written by Adolfo Utrera
Nilo Menéndez
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