Artur Balder

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Lakaet eo bet ar bajenn-mañ da ziverkañ prim.
An abeg eo "Cross-wiki spam. The person described or someone related commercially to him, has done an impressive effort to spam this article cross-wiki, together with using these projects to pursue his point of view. These articles lack a neutral point of view and sufficiently trustworthy references to make the verification of its relevance and claims possible. However, while here the person is claimed to have been born in Munich (Germany) and that he is both German and Spanish, suggests he was born in Alicante and the article in Asturian suggests he is, though born in Alicante, American with Spanish heritage. The article has long been deleted on, after a community deletion request, where more troublesome facts came to light - for instance, the article claimed this person had obtained a prize from the "Asociación Wagneriana de Alicante"; research revealed this association had been founded by Balder himself.

A court in Spain has ruled that Artur Balder has to compensate a journalist for defamation, for which he also used a wiki project.". Mar n'emaoc'h ket a-du, displegit perak war ar bajenn-se, mar plij.

Merourien, soñjit gwiriañ hag-eñ ez eus ur bajenn all hag a gas war-du amañ, ha sellit ouzh istor ar bajenn (kemm diwezhañ) a-raok diverkañ.
Gant Savh eo bet graet kemm diwezhañ ar bajenn-mañ.

Artur Balder zo ur skrivagner alaman ha spagnol, ganet e München e 1974, a skriv levrioù evit ar yaouankiz e spagnoleg hag en alamaneg. Pell eo bet o chom e Katalonia hag e Mallorca. Un aotreegezh war al lennegezh alamanek en deus bet e skol-veur Valencia, ar gêr m'emañ o chom.

Boulc'het en deus daou rummad levrioù:

-ar rummad Curdy e saozneg,

-ar rummad Arminius, diwar-benn an haroz german Hermann er c'hentañ kantved.

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Arminius[kemmañ | kemmañ ar vammenn]

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