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[[Skeudenn:GreeceViotia.png|thumb|200px|right|Boiotia, [[nomos]] e [[Gres]]]]
'''Boiotia''' (Βοιωτία e [[gresianeg]], ''Boeotia'' e [[latin]]), pe '''Beotia''', a oa ur vovro en [[Hellaz]] kozh, en hanternoz da reter [[pleg-mor Korintos]], hag a zo un [[nomos]] e [[Gres]] a hiriv.
<!--Er northc'hreisteiz ofdezhi thee eastern part of theoa [[Gulf of CorinthMegaris]]. ha It was bounded on the south bymenezieg [[MegarisKiteron]] and the, [[KithaironAttica]] mountainen rangetu thatall formsdezhi. aEn naturalhanternoz barriere with [[Attica]], on the north byoa [[Opuntian Locris]] and theha [[Euripusstrizh-mor Euripos Strait]] at the [[Gulf of Euboea]], and on the west by [[Phocis]]. er [[Lakec'hornôg. Copais]] was a large lake in the center of Boeotia.
<!-- the north by [[Lake Copais]] was a large lake in the center of Boeotia.
<!--The [[Boeotia Prefecture]] ({{IPA2|vio'tia}}) is a [[Nomos|prefecture]] of modern [[Greece]] with approximately the same boundaries.
The destruction of Thebes by [[Alexander the Great]] ([[335 BC]]) seems to have removed the political energy of the Boeotians. They never again pursued an independent policy, but followed the lead of protecting powers. Though military training and organization continued, the people proved unable to defend the frontiers, and the land became more than ever the "dancing-ground of Ares". Though enrolled for a short time in the Aetolian League (about [[245 BC]]) Boeotia was generally loyal to [[Macedon]], and supported its later kings against [[Rome]]. Rome dissolved the league, which, however, was allowed to revive under [[Augustus]], and merged with the other central Greek federations in the [[Achaea|Achaean]] synod. The death-blow to the country's prosperity was given by the devastations during the [[First Mithridatic War]].
==Pejorative term==
Boeotia came to be proverbial for the stupidity of its inhabitants (OED), probably because of Athens' proud assertion of its cultural superiority compared to its rural neighbours.
==Anv dismegañsus==
Boeotia zo deuet da vout un anv kar d'ar sotoni, abalamour, marteze, ma kave da Ateniz e talvezent keroc'h dre ma oa brudet o sevenadur e-skoz hini o amezeien.
==Tud brudet Beotia==
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