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==Sevel pennadoù personel==
{{Ront gwer}} '''Buhezskridoù'''. Diwall mat da chom hep sevel ur penna diwar da-benn da-unan. Un holloueziadur eo Wikipedia ha n'eo ket ret kaout emvuhezkridoù pe buhezskridoù diwar-benn pep hini a labour war ar raktres. Mar fell dit reiñ da c'hoût piv out d'an implijerion/ezed all, implij kentoc'h da bajenn bersonel evit hen ober;
{{Ront gwer}} '''Biographical articles'''. One of the most common mistakes for newcomers is creating an encyclopedia article about themselves. Because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is not expected to have a biographical article about every person who contributes. Your [[Wikipedia:User page|user page]], however, is a perfect place to write about yourself, just click your user name at the top of the screen when you have [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]] and edit to your heart's content.
{{Ront gwer}} '''Company articles'''. It is often better not to write an article about the company you work for or own. Firstly, you may have problems maintaining a [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutral point of view]], and secondly, it may be that your article will be quickly deleted. If your company is [[Wikipedia:Notability|notable]] enough, someone will quickly write an article about it.-->
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