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==Sevel pennadoù personel==
*{{Ront gwer}} '''Biographical articles'''. One of the most common mistakes for newcomers is creating an encyclopedia article about themselves. Because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is not expected to have a biographical article about every person who contributes. Your [[Wikipedia:User page|user page]], however, is a perfect place to write about yourself, just click your user name at the top of the screen when you have [[Special:Userlogin|logged in]] and edit to your heart's content.
*{{Ront gwer}} '''Company articles'''. It is often better not to write an article about the company you work for or own. Firstly, you may have problems maintaining a [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutral point of view]], and secondly, it may be that your article will be quickly deleted. If your company is [[Wikipedia:Notability|notable]] enough, someone will quickly write an article about it.-->
==Krouiñ pennadoù a-dreuz==
{{Ront melen}} '''Krouiñ pennadoù hervez gizioù ur geriadur''': MakingUn dictionary-type[[holloueziadur]] entries.'''eo ar We take[[Wikipedia]] the stance that ''([[N'eoPemp ketpennreolenn wikipediaar ur geriadurWikipedia|NPennaenn gentañ]]) ha n'eo ket wikipediaker ur [[geriadur]]''. Each(Gwelit articleivez: should[[Pemp aimpolitikerezh todiazez]]. coverLenn itsar topicpennad-mañ beyondevit agoût simplepelloc'h definitionhag andevit teachchom somethinghep aboutsevel greaterpennadoù context.hervez doareoù Pureur dictionarygeriadur: definitions[[N'eo belongket inwikipedia ourur sistergeriadur|N'eo project,ket [ Wiktionaryur geriadur].];
{{Ront melen}} '''Krouiñ pennadoù doubl''': A-raok sevel ur pennad nevez, klask goût buan-ha-buan hag-eñ n'eo ket bet krouet dija, marteze dindan un anv disheñvel. Pa gavez ur penand bet krouet dija damheñvel ouzh an hini a felle dit sevel klask e wellaat hag e ledanaat seul wezh mar vez tu a-raok sevel ur pennad nevez all heñvel-tre outañ. ret eo goût e vez enteuzet ha diverket pennadoù doubl peurliesañ.
{{Ront melen}} '''Krouiñ pennadoù doubl''': Before creating a new article, run a search for the topic &mdash; you may find a related one that already exists. Consider adding to existing articles before creating an entirely new one. In searching keywords, remember that article titles are usually singular, e.g. "Tree", not "Trees". Also attempt a search on [ Google] of the form " <topic>"; articles may be missed by a Wikipedia search but caught by Google, especially if the terms you choose are not present in the article title.
{{Ront glas}} '''Deleting useful content.''' A piece of content may be written poorly, yet still have a purpose. Consider what a sentence or paragraph tries to say. Clarify it instead of throwing it away. If the material seems miscategorized or out of place, consider moving the wayward material to another page, or creating a new page for it. If all else fails, and you can't resist removing a good chunk of content, it's usually best to move it to the article's "Talk page", which can be accessed using the "discussion" button at the top of each page. The author of the text once thought it valuable, so it is polite to preserve it for later discussion.
{{Ront glas}} '''Diverkañ hep displegañ''' Deleting anything that isn't trivial requires some words of justification in the [[Wikipedia:edit summary|edit summary]] or on the [[Wikipedia:talk page|talk page]]. If the justification is presented on the talk page, you can simply write "See talk:" in the edit summary box.
{{Ront glas}} '''Deleting or removing text from any Talk page without archiving it.''' Talk pages or any discussion pages are part of the historical record in Wikipedia. Every time the pages are cleaned up, don't forget to store the removed text in its corresponding archive (<nowiki>[[/Archive]]</nowiki>) page. (See [[Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page]].)
{{Ront glas}} '''Deleting your User Talk page or removing text from your User Talk page.''' Your User Talk page is the best way others have of communicating with you. It's OK to clean up or archive old content, but please be careful before removing content from your User Talk page; it may look as though you're trying to hide criticism.-->
==Mont re bell==
* '''Over-Wikifying.''' [[Wikipedia]] [[Failure to thrive|thrives]] [[on]] [[internal links]], [[butt|but]] [[keep]] [[it]] [[within]] [[reason]] &mdash; see the style guideline, [[Wikipedia:Only make links that are relevant to the context|Only make links that are relevant to the context]].
==Kemer re a-berfeted==
{{Ront orañjez}} '''Brezelekaat''' Wikipedia is a unique community of reasonable and consensus-oriented people. In other words, this isn't [[Usenet]], and [[flaming]] is severely looked down upon. For more about Wikipedia manners, see [[Wikipedia:Wikiquette|Wikiquette]].
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