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[[ImageSkeudenn:GreeceViotia.png|thumb|200px|right|BoeotiaBoiotia, [[nomos]] e [[Gres]]]]
'''BoeotiaBoiotia''' pe '''BeotiaBoeotia''' (Βοιωτία e [[gresianeg]]) a oa ur vo en [[Hellaz]] kozh, hag a zo un [[nomos]] e [[Gres]] a hiriv.
<!-- north of the eastern part of the [[Gulf of Corinth]]. It was bounded on the south by [[Megaris]] and the [[Kithairon]] mountain range that forms a natural barrier with [[Attica]], on the north by [[Opuntian Locris]] and the [[Euripus Strait]] at the [[Gulf of Euboea]], and on the west by [[Phocis]]. [[Lake Copais]] was a large lake in the center of Boeotia.
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