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lemel skeudennoù diwelus
(tennañ skeudennoù diwelus)
(lemel skeudennoù diwelus)
==Plac'hed nevez en istor==
Image:Brauysegen im Bett.gif|Eured en [[Alamagn]], un [[eskob]] war ar gwele eured.
Image:1929wedding.jpg|The woman to the far right is wearing a typical wedding dress from 1929. Up until the late 1930's wedding dresses reflected the styles of the day. From that time onward, wedding dresses have traditionally been based on Victorian styles.
Image:Wedding-1942.png|Plac'h nevez e [[1942]]
Image:Brauysegen im Bett.gif|[[Germany|German]] woodcut of a [[medieval]] wedding ceremony (a bishop is standing over bed)
Image:Lodewijk XIV-Marriage.jpg|Eured e tiegezh ar roue gall
Image:Wed-dress-001V08p346a01 Marriage.jpg|PlacUr plac'h nevez eyuzev dibenn ar(a-raok bloavezhioù [[1800]]1906).
Image:Queen Victoria Albert 1854.JPG|Ar rouanez [[Victoria]] e plac'h nevez e [[1854]]
Image:Scandinavia EthnicCostumes.jpg|[[Scandinavia|Scandinavian]] bride and maid (bottom right)
Image:V08p346a01 Marriage.jpg|[[Jew|Jewish]] bride approaches a [[chuppah]]
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