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*"Nabi" , 1990
* "Watina" deuet er-maez e 2007 eo e bennoberenn, embannet gant [[Stonetree Records]].
*[http://www.guardian.co.uk/obituaries/story/0,,2245111,00.html The Guardian: Andy Palacio, Singer, songwriter and champion of the culture of Belize's Garífuna people]
*[http://www.afropop.org/multi/interview/ID/111/Andy+Palacio%2C+2007 January 2007 Afropop Worldwide Interview with Andy Palacio]
*[http://www.bordeauxsalsa.com/index.php?theme=MUSIQUE&album=Watina&artiste=Andy%20Palacio&genre=tropical -commentaires de '''CBS 2007''' sur bordeauxsalsa.com]
[http://www.compulsivetraveler.tv/videos/671--Watina-A-Look-Behind-the-Music-of-Andy-Palacio Andy Palacio "Watina" Music Video]
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