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'''Kayla''', or '''Kaïliña''' is one of two closely related [[Agaw languages|Agaw dialects]] formerly spoken by a subgroup of the [[Beta Israel]] ([[Ethiopia]]n [[Jew]]s); the name is sometimes also used as a cover term for all Beta Israel Agaw dialects. It is known only from unpublished notes by Faïtlovich written in the [[Geez#Ge.27ez_writing_system|Geez alphabet]], recently studied by Appleyard, and may be intermediate between the western and central branches of Agaw. It appears to be extinct.
Ur [[Yezhoù kouchitek|yezh koushitek]] eo ar '''c'hayleg''' (''kayla'') komzet gant ar [[yuzev|yuzevion]] [[yuzevion betek|vetek]] eus [[Etiopia]].
==See also==
* [[Qwara language]]
Ur [[rannyezh]] agawek eo ar c'hayleg, tost-tre d'ar '''c'hailigneg'''.
*[[Cushitic languages]]
Ur [[yezh varv]] an hini eo war a seblant.
==Gwelet ivez==
* [[Yezhoù yuzevek]]
* [[Yezhoù kouchitek]]
[[en:Kayla language]]
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