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[[Image:Iroquoian langs.png|thumb|200px|IroquoianAr languagesyezhoù irokwoyek]]
Ur [[familh-yezhoù]] eo ar '''yezhoù irokwokey''' komzet e [[Norzh Amerika]] gant pobloù-orin. Er familh-mañ e vez renket yezhoù [[Kengevred an Irokwoyed]] hag an [[tsalagieg]] (''tcherokeeg'').
The '''Iroquoian languages''' are a [[Native American]] [[language family]]. The family includes the languages of the [[Iroquois Confederacy]] (including the extinct [[Mingo]] language), as well as [[Cherokee language|Cherokee]].
Setu penaos e vez isrenket an 11 yezh er familh-yezhoù-mañ:
Every language in this family has at least one [[nasal consonant|nasal]] vowel [[phoneme]]. Cherokee's is a nasal schwa, written in transliteration as 'v' (e.g. "Hv?" sounds like "Huh?" nasalized, and means the same thing).
===FamilyYezhoù divisionirokwoyek===
I. ''Yezhoù irokwoyek an hanternoz''
The Iroquoian family is composed of eleven languages.
: A. Yezhoù touskarorek-nottowayek
I. ''Northern Iroquoian''
: A. Tuscarora-Nottoway
:: 1. '''[[Tuscarora]]'''
:: 2. '''[[Nottoway]]'''
: B. ProtoKent-Lakeirokwoyeg Iroquoianal lennoù
:: 3. '''[[HuronYezhoù houronek-Wyandot]]wyandotek'''
::: dialects[[rannyezh]]où:
:::* [[HuronHouroneg]]
:::* [[WyandotWyandoteg]]
:: 4. '''[[LaurentianLaurenteg]]''' (languages or dialects) ''(?)''
:: i. IroquoisIrokwoyeg Proper (a.k.a.ar [[FivePemp NationsBroad]] Iroquois)
::: 5. '''[[Onondaga (tribe)|OnondagaOnondageg]]'''
::: 6. '''[[SusquehannockSouskwehannockeg]]''' (a.k.a.pe Andasteandasteg, Conestogakonestogeg, Andastoerrhononandastoerrhononeg, Minquaminkwaeg)
::: a. SenecaYezhoù senekek-Cayugakayougek
:::: 7. '''[[Seneca tribe|SenecaSenekek]]'''
:::: 8. '''[[Cayuga tribe|CayugaKayougek]]'''
::: b. MohawkYezhoù mohawkek-Oneidaoneidek
:::: 9. '''[[Mohawk language|MohawkMohawkeg]]'''
:::: 10. '''[[Oneida language|OneidaOneideg]]'''
II. ''Southern Iroquoian''
: 11. '''[[Cherokee language|Cherokee]]'''
What has been called the ''Laurentian'' language appears to be actually more than one dialect or language. Many different groups making up the ''Wyandot'' and the ''Neutral'' have very little linguistic documentation. Among these are the [[Tionontati]] (a.k.a. Khionontateronon, Petun, Tobacco Nation), the [[Wenro]], and the [[Erie]] (a.k.a. Nation du Chat). These groups were called ''Atiwandaronk'' meaning "they who understand the language" by the [[Huron]], and thus are grouped as a dialect related to Huron. The [[Meherrin]] peoples may have spoken an Iroquoian language, but there is not enough data to determine this with certainty.
Nottoway, Huron-Wyandot, Susquehannock, and the Laurentian languages/dialects are now all [[Extinct languages|extinct]]. The last speakers of Susquehannock were all murdered by the [[Paxton Boys]] lynch mob.
II. ''Yezhoù irokwoyek ar c'hreisteiz''
: 11. '''[[tsalagieg]]'''
[[Yezh varv|yezhoù marv]] eo an nottowayeg, ar yezhoù houronek-wyandotek, ar souskwehannockek hag al laurenteg.
Some linguists group the Iroquoian languages with the [[Siouan languages]] as the [[Macro-Siouan languages|Macro-Siouan]] family, but this larger family is not recognized by a consensus of linguists. For information regarding Proto-Iroquoian see Floyd Lounsbury's article on pages 334-343 in Volume 15 of the Handbook of North American Indians and Marianne Mithun's article on pages 259-282 of the Extending the Rafters: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Iroquois collection edited by Jack Campisi, Michael Foster, and Mithun. An article that is a bit more technical but also good is Blair Rudes' treatment of Proto-Iroquoian vowels in the Spring 1996 edition of ''Anthropological Linguistics''.
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