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'''Clermont''' zo un [[anv-lec'h]] [[gallek]] a gaver e meur a vro hiziv:
*En [[=={{Aostralia]]}}==
** [[Clermont, (Queensland)]]
*E Bro-C'hall
** [[Clermont, (Ariège)]], en [[Ariège]]
** [[Clermont, (Haute-Savoie)]], en [[Haute-Savoie]]
** [[Clermont, (Landes)]], el [[Landes]]
** [[Clermont, (Oise)]], en [[Oise]]
** [[Clermont, (Puy-de-Dôme)]], er [[Puy-de-Dôme]]
** [[Clermont-Créans]], er [[Sarthe]]
** [[Clermont-de-Beauregard]], en [[Dordogne]]
** [[Clermont-Dessous]], el [[Lot-et-Garonne]]
** [[Clermont-d'Excideuil]], en Dordogne
** [[Clermont-en-Argonne]], er [[Meuse]]
** [[Clermont-Ferrand]], er [[Puy-de-Dôme]]
** [[Clermont-le-Fort]], en [[Haute-Garonne]]
** [[Clermont-les-Fermes]], en [[Aisne]]
** [[Clermont-l'Hérault]], en [[Hérault]]
** [[Clermont-Pouyguillès]], er [[Gers]]
** [[Clermont-Savès]], er Gers
** [[Clermont-Soubiran]], el Lot-et-Garonne
** [[Clermont-sur-Lauquet]], en [[Aude]]
*E [[Suafrika]]
**[[Clermont, Natal(Florida)]], a township in Durban, South Africa
**[[Clermont, (Georgia)]]
**[[Clermont, (Indiana)]]
**[[Clermont, (Iowa)]]
**[[Clermont, (Kentucky)]]
**[[Clermont, (New York)]]
**[[Clermont County, OhioManor]]
*[[Clermont County (Ohio)]]
*E [[=={{Suafrika]]}}==
*E [[SUA]]
**[[Clermont, Florida(Natal)]]
**[[Clermont, Georgia]]
**[[Clermont, Indiana]]
**[[Clermont, Iowa]]
**[[Clermont, Kentucky]]
**[[Clermont, New York]]
***[[Clermont Manor]], home of Robert Livingston (1688-1775)
**[[Clermont County, Ohio]]
<!--'''Clermont''' is also a surname and may refer to:
* [[Maurice Clermont]] (1944-), a Canadian politician
'''Clermont''' may also refer to:
* the [[Council of Clermont]], a council of the [[Roman Catholic church]] (held in an abbey in the town [[Cluny]], Saône-et-Loire, France) (1095 AD) that is said to have led to the [[Crusades]].
* [[Clermont (novel)|''Clermont'' (novel)]], a Gothic novel by [[Regina Maria Roche]].
* "Clermont", the original name of [[Aspinall's]] private gambling club in London, England
* [[Clermont (steamboat)|''Clermont'' (steamboat)]], Robert Fulton's first steamboat, although he never used that name
* [[ASM Clermont Auvergne]], a French [[rugby union]] club located in Clermont-Ferrand
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