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An Davarn
Ul lec'h evit sevel goulennoù pe flapiñ en un doare sioul ha dichipot diwar-benn wikipedia.

(18:18:25 CET)

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18/08/2014 — 24/08/2014

Skrivañ un dra bennak er pevare sizhun ha tregont eus 2014 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h


Gwin eus Bro-Naoned lakaet e boutailhoù gant ur marc'hadour eus Pleiber-Krist.
Ha tañvaet ?--Prieladkozh (kaozeal) 18 Eos 2014 da 17:40 (UTC)
Muskadig eus an XXvet kantved, n'ouzon ket petra a veze skoet ennañ gant Gevell. Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 18 Eos 2014 da 18:34 (UTC)

Letter petitioning WMF to reverse recent decisions

The Wikimedia Foundation recently created a new feature, "superprotect" status. The purpose is to prevent pages from being edited by elected administrators -- but permitting WMF staff to edit them. It has been put to use in only one case: to protect the deployment of the Media Viewer software on German Wikipedia, in defiance of a clear decision of that community to disable the feature by default, unless users decide to enable it.

If you oppose these actions, please add your name to this letter. If you know non-Wikimedians who support our vision for the free sharing of knowledge, and would like to add their names to the list, please ask them to sign an identical version of the letter on

-- JurgenNL (talk) 21 Eos 2014 da 17:35 (UTC)

Process ideas for software development

’’My apologies for writing in English.’’


I am notifying you that a brainstorming session has been started on Meta to help the Wikimedia Foundation increase and better affect community participation in software development across all wiki projects. Basically, how can you be more involved in helping to create features on Wikimedia projects? We are inviting all interested users to voice their ideas on how communities can be more involved and informed in the product development process at the Wikimedia Foundation. It would be very appreciated if you could translate this message to help inform your local communities as well.

I and the rest of my team welcome you to participate. We hope to see you on Meta.

Kind regards, -- Rdicerb (WMF) talk 21 Eos 2014 da 22:15 (UTC)

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25/08/2014 — 31/08/2014

Skrivañ un dra bennak er pempvet sizhun ha tregont eus 2014 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Itron Varia ...

Itron Varia ar bleunioù ... pe ar bokedoù??? Trugarez en a-raok.. Kadbzh (kaozeal) 26 Eos 2014 da 17:09 (UTC)

Kaozeadeg eus an 3de sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 36, bloaz 2014)

01/09/2014 — 07/09/2014

Skrivañ un dra bennak er c'hwec'hvet sizhun ha tregont eus 2014 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Grants to improve your project

Apologies for English. Please help translate this message.

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants program is accepting proposals for funding new experiments from September 1st to 30th. Your idea could improve Wikimedia projects with a new tool or gadget, a better process to support community-building on your wiki, research on an important issue, or something else we haven't thought of yet. Whether you need $200 or $30,000 USD, Individual Engagement Grants can cover your own project development time in addition to hiring others to help you.

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08/09/2014 — 14/09/2014

Skrivañ un dra bennak er seizhvet sizhun ha tregont eus 2014 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Change in renaming process

-- User:Keegan (WMF) (talk) 16:23, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

VisualEditor available on Internet Explorer 11


VisualEditor will become available to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 during today's regular software update. Support for some earlier versions of Internet Explorer is being worked on. If you encounter problems with VisualEditor on Internet Explorer, please contact the Editing team by leaving a message at VisualEditor/Feedback on Happy editing, Elitre (WMF) 11 Gwe 2014 da 07:29 (UTC).

PS. Please subscribe to the global monthly newsletter to receive further news about VisualEditor.

Paourkaezh tud!

Paourkaezh tud omp memestra, e-skoaz ar skiantourien veur, meur hag uvel dreist-holl : . Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal) 13 Gwe 2014 da 16:04 (UTC)

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh diwezhañ (sizhun 38, bloaz 2014)

15/09/2014 — 21/09/2014

Skrivañ un dra bennak en eizhvet sizhun ha tregont eus 2014 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

Kaozeadeg eus ar sizhunvezh (sizhun 39, bloaz 2014)

22/09/2014 — 28/09/2014

Skrivañ un dra bennak en navvet sizhun ha tregont eus 2014 | An davarn | sizhun a-raoksizhun war-lerc'h

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