Luciano Floridi

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Traffic cone.png Labour zo d'ober c'hoazh a-raok peurechuiñ ar pennad-mañ. Ma fell deoc'h reiñ un tamm skoazell, krogit e-barzh. Mar karfec'h reiñ hoc'h ali ha netra ken, grit 'ta e pajenn ar gaozeadenn.
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Luciano Floridi a zo bet ganet d'ar 15 a viz Du 1964 e Roma (Italia), italian prederour.

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  • Relevant Information, the SIRLS/Thomson Scientific ISI Samuel Lazarow Memorial lecture, University of Arizona, USA, February 8 2007. View the Presentation while you listen to the podcast. Download Lecture (MP3, 52MB). Download Question and Answer Session following the Lecture (MP3, 39MB). Quicktime Streaming Video (requires the Quicktime Plug-in, broadband recommended). Windows Video (.wmv format, requires IE and Media Player version 9 or higher for streaming). iPod Compatible (.m4v, 375MB, download only).

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